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Feed The Kitty may just be the hardest working band in Southern California, if not the world. Performing over 300 shows a year, these guys can do it all, anything goes with FTK. Having an arsenal of thousands of songs, versatility is the name of the game for this band as they can provide a wide variety of quality live music to fit almost any occasion. Originally from Tucson AZ, band members Jed Mottley (Bass) and Jon Shumway (Drums) moved to Los Angeles and hooked up with Jack Maher (Guitar/Vocals) in 2004. Since then, Feed The Kitty has enjoyed plenty of musical success with no signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, if you’ve seen the movies “Lars and the Real Girl” or “National Lampoon’s: Cattle Call” you’ve already heard Feed The Kitty’s music on their respective soundtracks! Recently, Feed The Kitty completed a short documentary about the band, having a film crew (Kenny Stoff , “Sound City”, “Sonic Highways”) follow them for one week as they played 9 gigs in 6 days fresh off their first ever European tour.

Feed the kitty Feed the Kitty is an American rock back from Los Angeles, CA. consisting of Jack Maher, Jed Mottley and Jon Shumway. Feed the Kitty formed in Tucson, AZ. by bassist Jed Mottley, and drummer Jon Shumway and original members Tyler Neuhausen and Chris Hagerty in 1999. After receiving degrees from the University of Arizona and then relocating to Los Angeles, CA. in September of 2000, FTK began a relentless campaign of live shows across the southwest. After the departure of Vocalist/ Guitarist Tyler Neuhausen and lead guitarist Chris Hagerty, in October of 2003, Jed and Jon met up with Vocalist/ guitarist Jack Maher and played there first show in Scottsdale, AZ. at “Sugar Daddy’s” on January 31st, 2004. Since then, this trio has played over 2000 shows together and consistently plays over 300 shows per year. They have recorded two full length albums together, placed music in an Oscar nominated movie, toured Italy for one month, and produced a documentary about the band called “Feed the Kitty: The Movie.”

Feed The Kitty: The Movie

Feed the Kitty: The Movie is a compelling short documentary about Jack, Jed and Jon who are paying the bills and then some as the members of Feed the Kitty, a rock band in Redondo Beach, California. The film tells their story of struggling to find success with their original music before finally realizing they need to eat and pay the rent first. With live performance as their primary source of income, learn how they finally made a living doing cover tunes. A film crew followed the band for one week as they played 9 gigs in 6 days fresh off their first ever European Tour. Interviews with the fun, gifted, sometimes quirky people of Redondo who have come to love the band showcase how they have become a community treasure and how their music has brought healing and friendship to those in need of a place to belong. Ultimately, Feed the Kitty: The Movie is about the power of music placed in the hands of three genuine and down-to-earth musicians who have been there, done that, and are still chasing their dream of making it big.

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